Armando del Pino a Cuban-American artist, was born in Camaguey, Cuba. His interest in drawing and painting began at a very early age, being known in the family and community inner circle as The Painter. As a child in elementary school, he brought the teachers attention with his drawings, which were used as murals and decoration for different activities in the school. He was distinguished by his particular way of using colors.

He had great influence from a close friend of his mother, Osvaldo, who was a great draftsman and who later introduced him to the world of light – dark and advised him on the way to name his art.

His first paintings were made on cardboard using acuarelles and some disposable materials, such as paper, cardboard, wood, etc. His first exhibition was made in the portal of the house of his grandparents, a former colonial house, visited by many people related to his family, a respected religious and conservative family. Many people noticed his talent and decided to collect his drawings, some of which still survive in private collections in his native Camaguey, Cuba.

He soon began participating in many drawing competitions, in which he was awarded at least two of them, later in life as a student, assisted to many painting and drawing seminars. When he coursed the superior studies he further defined his own style, painting landscapes.

Soon he became known as The Painter, his drawings were famous in the school and collected by his friends, some of them used as murals hanged on the class room walls. His classmates always looked for him to make romantic drawings, and allegorical to popular themes such as the super heroes and portrait. He later developed other skills in the field of oil painting. He established relationships with some local painters of the community, participated in cultural events, and visited galleries and museums. He had great influence in his career from important landscape painters of his time, took private classes with a recognized master of arts in his community, Osvaldo White, who would introduce him to the world of modern painting and its trends. His art always represented the Cuban National culture.

In the 90s Cuba plunged into a deep economic crisis, where many artists were forced to abandon their careers and start other activities due to lack of materials. Armando Del Pino, meanwhile, began to produce commercial art for local vendors who distributed it to local markets for tourists, and Cuban American exiled who returned to the island as tourists. His art was sold to private local art collectors as well as important touristic places like, Santa Lucia Beach, Varadero Beach, Trinidad City, Guardalavaca, etc.

Some of his paintings were brought to the United States by Cuban exiles, many others were taken to Europe and North Africa, and they are currently in private collections.

He left the country and arrived to the United States in February 2007. He established himself in Miami, Florida. During this time, he has been working for private customers, and other painting collectors, always reflecting and enhancing the Cuban art and culture. The Cuban landscape elements are very evident in his pieces. The greenery of the country, the royal palm trees, the flamboyant trees, the hills, and rivers are his most favorite elements and are usually present in most of his work.

Today, many of his paintings are in private collections, and some other places such as hotels and private club houses.




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